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xanithin 3 Complaints & Reviews

xanithin 3 / no number to call


This company is a total scam! I just tried calling this 1-866-951-1393 number listed in other complaints and I got the whole run around! They keep telling me that one number funnels to several companies and to keep trying to call the same number till I finally get through to the actual xanithin people. What a rip off! This company is a prime example of what immoral business dealings are. There is no way to cancel your account, and they keep charging you an ungodly amount of money for a supplement every month. I'm going to try to report them to whoever I can! I ended up having to cancel my credit card totally and have them send me an entire new one just to prevent them from being able to use my account anymore.

xanithin 3 / Unauthorized Charge to Personal Acct


I recieved a trial size bottle of Xanithin 3 at my home about 3 weeks ago. When I got it I Had no idea what it was and did not open it. Wondering how this company got my personal info to even send the trial made the question arise weather this was just an advertisment or some type of scam. After thinging about it for a while I just desided to leave them in my med cabinet and didn't think anymore about it. Until I went to my bank Yesterday and $88.50 had been withdrawn from my account without any knoledge on the product. Or how they even got my information period! As if this couldn't...