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Jun 19, 2015

Don’t buy clothes from First of all, the quality is so poor and bad that it was impossible to wear it. The second problem was the size. I checked their sizing table, but it was strange and it turned out that I ordered too small dress. And the last and main problem is that the seller didn’t warn that he hasn’t change or refund. Avoid this company by any means. / They have problems with the change of the orders

May 07, 2015

Awful website. I ordered 2 prom dresses from the website I got these dresses on time, but the problem was wrong sizes as well as these dresses looked lie piece of crap. The seller told me to return the order, but after 10 days I haven’t received any news from him. I have no idea if the new order has been sent or I need to contact the seller again. I wonder if there are people, who face the same problems. What measures do you take in such situations?