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May 07, 2015

I started to read the blog on the website I wasn’t happy with all provided info and opinions, so I posted my review about the situation. I was shocked, ‘coz these jerks simply deleted it. They removed it after I posted. WTF? I tried to post it again, but they banned me. I wonder if there are people, who faced the same problem? I really need help or any useful advice. Please, post your comments and ideas. Thanks. / They blocked and I can't use the website now

May 07, 2015

The website is real ###. I registered there and posted some stuff, but once the moderators blocked me and deleted my post. I didn’t understand why it has happened. I was angry and tried to contact these jerks, but they ignored all my emails. After that I got email that they wouldn’t allow me to use their website. Please, post comments.