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Jul 12, 2018

I had clicked once on this rabbit hole of an offer, which never panned out, and now I'm getting messages to my android phone at all hours, disrupting my family's sleep. I have gone to the website to unsubscribe but I keep getting messages. This is harassment and I am sick of it! I want it to stop now! I should not have to deal with daily annoyances such as this, nor should it be so difficult to get them to stop messaging me! Any assistance would also help. / steel information

Apr 22, 2018

When I opened another tab, it was fine but when I went back to the other tab, it said congratulations. Choose anything. I chose the IPhone 6s. It said for your information like number email name date you were born. I kept on going but then I stopped because I was scared if this was a scam and they would try to take all of my information away and while I was reading the comments I noticed that it was a scam.