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Jul 02, 2015

I think that the website doesn’t exist at all. I have posted an order on the website and tried to purchase shoes from them. It was awful, because I wanted to pay through PayPal. But there wasn’t link to PayPal, so I failed to complete the purchase. I sent them email and asked how to pay, but they didn’t respond. The company is fraud and possible non-existing business at all. / I got completely nothing from the seller

Jun 12, 2015

I bought two pairs of shoes from the company I haven’t received the confirmation email, so I returned to the website and decided to contact them. I asked if my order was shipped already, but the seller told me “no” and he started to tell some excuses and told that they had some problems with transportation. He promised that they would send it today. After couple of days I again contacted them, because I haven’t received any news. They seller again provided fake and empty promises. Don’t deal with this deceiver!!!