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Mar 07, 2017

I bought a pillow from back in December and it was supposed to be a Christmas present for a friend but it is already March 2017 and still nothing! I don't know where my order is or was it even shipped, because TheVarietyStore never bothered to send me a tracking number. Last time I contacted TheVarietyStore was somewhere in January and since then I was not able to access their site. I tried from different places and PC's and it did not work. I believe that their company was closed or something, but I still haven't received anything! I simply don't want to think that they got away that easily with all the money they stole from their customers! / Avoid!

Oct 21, 2016

I made an order and purchased something from this website TheVarietyStore. After they took the money I received a payment confirmation, but there was nothing said about the delivery date and there was no tracking number. I contacted TheVarietyStore and asked for a tracking number but they did not reply. I total I sent them over 10 messages asking for a tracking number but was ignored. Time passed and there was no sign of my order and there was no way to reach them! And now I can't even enter their website! Fraudulent scam company, do not deal with them! / They didn't provide enough info about the order

Jun 22, 2015

I bought some electrical items from the company I got the confirmation email from them, but 2 weeks later I still haven’t got the tracking number. These guys decided to fool me. I sent them messages and asked to tell me where my order was, but the reply was the same each time. They told to wait and refused to provide any other info. / The hair dryer didn't work and no warranty

Jun 02, 2015

I bought hair dryer from It was sale on the website, so I paid about £50 for the order and delivery was for free. I got the order today, but the hair dryer didn’t work. As well as the seller hasn’t provided any warranty. I contacted the customer services, but the rep refused to change the item without warranty. Also he told me that it was impossible that they haven’t provided it. It seems like vicious circle. Help me, please!