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Greetings, I think that if the website is allowing users to gamble with their electronic token principle (buying an apportunity to bit) there should be certain external control standards. This, to ensure that gambling websites similar to this one are regulated and fined for selling products at outrageous final prices after gambling auction has ended. Also, they should state and accept they are a gambling site, while informing their users of their actual procedures in a more direct manner. Thank you, Scammed User - Florida / Misleading auctions


BUYER BEWARE!!!. I found a new auction site, or what I thought was a new auction site. After watching the different auctions and getting sucked into "PURCHASING BID PKGS" as they call them. Well you cant bid on anything unless you have PRE-PAID for your bids. they start at $24.00 for 49 bid clicks on an auction. well as we all know you can click several times for bids when in an auction. Keep in mind you are being charged $.60 cents every time you make a bid on something. You most likely won't win that auction . Most of the auctions I watched, the winners were clicking about 100 to 110...