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Aug 07, 2015

Avoid at all costs. I called to the company I was very interesting in opening new store, and I wanted to make it online. I hoped that the company would help me, and they agreed to develop the website for me. I paid half sum in advance, but they after three weeks told me that they needed more time. Ok, I waited another week, but in result I received completely different website and nothing looked as I wanted. I don’t recommend them. / Rude, unprofessional and secret company

Jul 31, 2015

The company isn’t professional and you can’t trust them on 100%. I had a deal with them, but the company has scammed me. They haven’t provided details about the work. As well as they contacted me only when they needed more money. I tried to ask questions and was curious about the process, but the rep told me not to bother them and he did it in terrible manner. I wasn’t delighted to work with them.