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Sep 18, 2015

Hi, everyone. I have bought designer’s dress from the website I paid with my card and payment was prompt, but the seller confirmed the purchase only 3 days later. He warned me that the delivery could be delayed, but I didn’t get my dress at all. I was so upset and asked the seller to find the order, but this person gave me fake promises and did nothing. I have waited a month, but I need to do something, because this situation really irritated me. / Seller sent me fake and awful-quality coat

Aug 07, 2015

I ordered a coat from the website It looked splendid one the website and the price wasn’t so high. But the seller fooled me and sent me cheap fake and nothing looked the same as on the website. I was so upset and of course emailed the seller. I told him that it wasn’t what I ordered and would like to return it. But the seller replied that it was too late and he wouldn’t return money back. Don’t trust the seller.