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Nov 28, 2016

I have ordered a bracelet from back in June and never received it. It is now late November and still no sign of my order. I contacted them many times but they replied very slowly. Last time when PrettyCharms replied was in September. They said that my order was pending and will be shipped any time soon. Just read that again - they said that three months passed but my order was still in process! When I asked for a refund they did not reply. Recently I sent another message but received no response yet. Save your money and don't deal with these terrible scammers! / The order was lost, but the customer services unreachable

Feb 19, 2016

People, be aware that the company is dishonest and has no idea how to treat the customers. I placed the order and got the confirmation email, but after 3 days the staff cancelled the order and no one informed me about it. I waited for the order and was surprised to find out that it was lost somewhere. The customer services were unreachable and it was the worst deal, which I have ever had before.