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Oct 02, 2015

I have purchased slimming products from the company, but I didn’t like these products at all. Unfortunately, I have ordered large quantity of the products and I didn’t need so many products. I decided to return the items and shipped the whole order back. I got the email that the seller would refund within couple of weeks, but I didn’t see this sum on my account. Please, I need someone’s help. / Seller didn't return money for the order, which wasn't full

Sep 18, 2015

When I have opened the website, I have found so many things for health and medical products. I have placed really large order, but the seller charged me and only after that he warned me that no all items and products were available. I thought that he would return money back, but he offered to use this sum next time, but I wasn’t sure that I would use this website again. Acnd the seller hasn’t listened to me.