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Jun 21, 2015

I was shocked that such websites as still has existed. I registered on the website and joined one chat room. I was shocked that people told about their wives and husbands. When I posted my comment, these people started to bully me and posted a lot of unpleasant things. Stay away from this forum website and warn other people. The website didn’t bring you useful info or important advices. - Minnesota, White Bear Lake / forums

Sep 26, 2014

This site does not allow open dialogue if anyone has an opinion that differs from the precise teachings of Dr. Harley. The best I can tell there are fewer than 20 active posters, and the majority of them appear to be moderators and/or administrators in hiding. I clicked on the profiles of the Mods and most had very few posts. They encourage exposing the infidelity, which is fine, but betrayed spouses are encouraged to put the affair partner on Cheaterville but not their own spouse. Thus, it is a double standard. If members do not follow the steps to the letter they are called out and...