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Sep 03, 2015

The company is making money on other people grave. We contacted them and asked to prepare the casket within 2 days. The company agreed and got rather high sum for the job, but one second day they informed us that they haven’t finished and needed more time and materials. Of course, they asked to pay money for the materials and job. It was so unpleasant, but we haven’t had any other option. / rude rep and they don't have any senses at all

Jun 23, 2015

People, avoid the company at all costs. The people, who work in this company, are rude, impolite and don’t have any sense of delicacy. I called them and started to ask some questions, but the rep told me that he had no time to listen to my stories. It was awful and so rude from their side. I highly advise all people to avoid these guys or be prepared to listen to awful things from them.