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Sep 13, 2015

Don’t buy jerseys from the website I bought one black and one grey jersey, but the seller emailed me after 3 days and told that the grey jersey was already unavailable. He told that I could choose another jersey. I emailed him back and told that I wanted to buy green one. But the seller hasn’t replied and after 5 days I received black jersey. I emailed the seller again, but this person kept silence. Scam. / Wrong order and the seller still hasn't changed it

Sep 07, 2015

It was the last time, when I have purchased from I bought jersey from the seller, but this person has sent me wrong jersey. The logo and size was wrong. I returned it, but I have paid for all return expanses. The seller only promised to return money back. After that I waited for another order, which was lost somewhere. The seller didn’t reply. Scam and waste of money. Not advisable. / The company scam people and you can't get money back

Jul 02, 2015

The company has scammed me. I bought jerseys from the website The order has been placed several weeks ago, but these people fooled me. They charged me and provided the confirmation email.Butit was the first and the last email, which Ihave received from them. The company is real nightmare, because it is impossible to return money. These people try to avoid all the time. Don’t waste your time and money. They are dishonest.