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Jul 02, 2015

Two years ago we had some terrible problems with our daughter. We contacted the rep from the company The rep told us that all their specials were professionals and really helpful. But 3 months later, the situation remained the same. We asked the specialists why the situation remained the same, but this guy promised and told us that we need to be more patient. But after another 2 months, we cancelled our deal with them. Don’t waste your money. - Utah, Hurricane / Not professional company and attitude

May 12, 2015

My husband and I decided that our son should attend the school of We spoke with the rep and everything was really great. The rep told us that we needed to pay the admission in advance for the first term. We transferred money and waited for the call, but the rep hasn’t called us. We contacted them again, and the rep promised to send the schedule. We again got nothing. The company and services are really strange and seem to be not very professional at all. Please, post comments.