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i purchased powerleveling from, their service is more expensive than other website, but i think their service should be better. when my char reached level 62, they start useing bot to level it. i have another account i play myself, and i am watching the bot farming at a single place without stoping. it is easy to see that they are using bot, because the the char is always running point to point the same way( same coordinates). DON'T buy service from them again, or u want get ur account banned. Mine - Delaware, Wilmington / False advertising and spam!

Ro promotes 5 minute delivery on its website but after I placed an order the rep said 30 minutes. Sure I could deal with that but after 8 HOURS passed and I still didn't have my wow gold I got quite P.O.'d and demanded to chat with a manager. The customer service agent said the manager wasn't available because he was busy handling other complaints! I said I'll wait for the manager to finish but the agent ended the chat! I have sent 4 emails and tried to go on chat again but I was told the same thing: manager busy with other complaints. I asked why they advertise 5... / Thieving from disabled kids


I look after two disabled kids who love to play world of warcraft for the two hours it takes for their parents to run errands and do shopping and attend to their other children as well. anyway one of the kids reaches level 30 and receives a letter in the in game mail system he can have a mount to move faster around the environment only problem is he doesn't have the required gold for the transaction and is bitterly disappointed... I tell him it'll be okay, I'm sure there is a way you can have a mount by next week! And that brightened his mood right up... during the next week I... / Do not deliver the paid WoW gold


Avoid this company! I ordered and paid WoW gold for my ten year old son. web site give a promise of immediate delivery, but reality was far from that. After 5 days of waiting I send an email request for undelivered gold. I got a polite answer that they have some stock problems but they will notify me when they are ready to deliver. During next three weeks they delivered half of the ordered amount. After further complaints they guided me to their Live Chat "Service". After short session it was clear that they are not going to deliver the paid amount and it was also obvious that the... - Maryland / Illegal company!


DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS WEBSITE! They claim to have gold when u do a preorder inquiry, and when u order they claim its out of stock. I have waited a week, and each day going into the live chat to be told that i would be placed on the top of the list and would have the gold within 24 hours. They constantly lie and put you off without delivering, and when they finally promise you a delivery, they claim to have never said it. I plan to take further LEGAL action against this fraudulent site and have others that will take action with me. JUST a warning! do not deal with this scam site! I ordered 29$ worth of gold and didn't get so much as ONE in an entire week! Maxcarnage Mount Airy, Maryland U.S.A.