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World Complaints & Reviews

World / Two Profiles Bullying Me

Aug 19, 2015

There was two profiles under the name David and Atrax Robustus Born on December 31 bullying me on World on 08/18/15. I requested to the representative to delete my account because I try to defend myself so many times, but it did not work. I cannot get the photo of the profile, but I can email it to you.

World / Harassing

Aug 19, 2015

08/19/2015 There is a troll person who keeps vote negative comments on my videos on world truth. org. I try to do everything I can to stop this person for harassing me, but they still continue to harassed me. I requested to be removed from the social media because I will not tolerate bullying behaviors. I want to file a lawsuit against this company for harassment.