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Woodmount Brokerage Complaints & Reviews

Woodmount Brokerage / Woodmount - con artists

Feb 09, 2012

I have the exact same story as everyone else who posted comments. I was contacted by Rose M. who approved me for a $5, 000.00 loan and had me get 2 money packs from Walmart for my first 5 months upfront. I feel stupid because I should have known it was a scam, but my desperation to get a loan and pay off my bills out grew my common since! So I do blame my self a bit for being de frauded. I have proof that this is a scam because I called money pack and was told that the money did not go to a business called Woodmount Brokerage but the money did go to a person and was loaded on to another...

Woodmount Brokerage / Never trust them

Feb 07, 2012

I sent them 616.00 on march 29 the next day my check was suppose to be here by UPS it never showed up so I called on March the 30. They told me to send 539.00 so I did. I bought 2 green dot money pak for both days they told me I got approved for 5, 000 dollars but I had to sent the money first so I did then I suppose to got it in the mail. It never showed up. I'm behind on all my bills because I sent them that money.