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WMS Motor Group Complaints & Reviews

WMS Motor Group / Used car dealer

Oct 07, 2016

The owner of this business is a straight up racist. As soon as I entered the shop, he seemed to be annoyed by my presence. After I looked at the car and asked a few questions, he said to me "Indian people only time wasters". I still went on to inspect the car. As soon as I said, ok I will read the insurance contract and come back in a few hours, he took the leaflet from my hand and said that I know you "people" are time wasters.

WMS Motor Group / used car

Aug 06, 2016

United motors. Southall. This dealer now calls himself WMS motor group. There is no board or anything. Its just the paper cutouts on cars. They are still cheating. I was cheated today but thankfully lost only a small deposit and rejected the car inspite of him convincing me for about half hour. The way I lost my deposit is the worst. Can't believe I fell for it but I had never expected something like this in the UK. I am glad I didn't buy the stupid car which looked amazingly clean. I can't believe police has allowed him to still do business. Why isn't this guy behind bars? The guy has big...