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Feb 11, 2016

I am in a serious situation! I ordered a dress from WishBrides for my 70 year old mother. Size is incorrect, dress is extremely small and does not fit her at all. The dress does not close around her body. I contacted customer service and even sent them pictures. They refuse to refund the money! Their rep just said that there is nothing wrong with the dress. This is exploitation of a senior citizen. They need to do the right thing and send this senior citizen back her money! Someone needs to take responsibility for making a timely refund and give me an address where I might send the dress. I contacted them so many times, but they still refuse to provide any help. Horrible company that does not respect their customers. / I hate this company!

Dec 17, 2015

I made a mistake of ordering a dress from WishBrides. A dress I ordered did not have the measurements which I specified. And it looks nothing like the dress that was posted on their website. It is so horrible and ugly, there are even holes in the bra area. It cost me $50 to ship it right in time for my wedding. I contacted the company and provided pictures as a proof, but they didn't even respond. Few days later I finally got a message, but their reply was ridiculous! They said that everything is fine with the dress and they do not understand the reason why am I complaining. I had to buy...