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Winster, Inc Complaints & Reviews

Winster, Inc / Do not waste your time here, they will find a way to cheat you

Mar 30, 2012

Don't play at Winster! After earning a few gift cards, they will find a way to not pay. They accused my 77 yr old mom of having multiple accounts. Now they have accused me too. We asked for permission since i live with her to have accounts. Winster is going downhill fast, and with the lack of customer support, i am surprised they are still in business. I have heard many people with the same issue as i am having.please report winster to the BBB. They have now lost 7 our our friends and family. We are spreading the word. Do not waste your time here, they will find a way to cheat you!

Winster, Inc / Crooked, crooked game site

Mar 06, 2012

Too much. although the date is today this has gone on for several years and the winster game site gets worse each day. They can't keep game up and running. They change pay outs to often. They change the game when someone starts winning. They don't pay out prizes as advertised. Most prizes are worthless and take years to accumulate enough points then they cancel your membership and you get NO prize. They use aliases to spy on players. Ask for Peggy the dream from Montana. Peggy is useless for customer service but if you need someone to lie for you she is very good at it. Chris is also...