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Wilshire Credit Corp Complaints & Reviews

Wilshire Credit Corp - Oregon, Beaverton / Slander and Theft

Wilshire Credit Corp, used collection agency tactics, slander and fraud when trying to take my home that caused financial and emotional damages in my life. I was an unemployed, high risk, first time home owner with an ARM, first and second mortgage, interest only, zero down, no escrow with 5 PPP loans, bordering a flood zone. The perfect high risk target for Wilshire. Wilshire bought my loans 2 months after I got them from Wilmington. Wilshire wrongfully reported my loan balances to the credit burro in order to negatively bleed my credit. Clearly Slander On my secondary loan, I was paying...

Wilshire Credit Corp / Posting payments


I purchase my home in 2005 with anough mortgage company about 6 month after my purchase the mortgage was sold to Wilshire everything was fine until my house was hit by tonardo, I had to move out of the house for 9 months for the repairs. Made my payments on time after that I download a form the computer to have my payment draft out of my account, they refused it them my payment was being recorded later than they started holding my checks than would later send them though my account which cause my account to be overdrawn. I almost lost my car had light turn off late on loans payment that are...

Wilshire Credit Corp / mortgage


wilshire credit corp tacked on 500.00 to my mortgage before i know if i got approved for a " Making home affordable program" for the taxes to be escrowed. How can they do this before an approval and if my mortgage was already to high what made them think i could pay an extra 500.00 a month. They did not even notify me to see if I could afford the payment.

Wilshire Credit Corp - Washington, Puyallup / Loss Mitigation


We sent in our paperwork for possible reworking of our loan to freeze our old interest rate that reset from 6.99% to 8.99% in April of this year. We sent our paperwork to Wilshire in Feb 08 well before our loan was to reset. We explained that we could continue to pay our loan on time with our current interest rate, but that the added 340.00 dollars per month at the reset rate was going to cause us great hardship. They confirmed receipt of all info they needed on March 13, 2008. It is now July 23, 2008 and we are still waiting for any response from Wilshire on this. Per Wilshire the proce...

Wilshire Credit Corp - California, Irvine / Terrible way of doing business


Wilshire acquired my mortgage about 4 years ago. Before that it was with the Bank where I got the loan. Up until Wilshire acquired the loan i never had any problems with this loan. I was never late, never missed a payment. I still make my payment through the bank, they actually send the payment. The first problem i had with wilshire was payment posting. for some reason it would take anywhere from 10 to 14 days for them to receive or post my payment, then when it took 21 days to post my payment, i got upset and called to find out why, of course they tried to say that i didn't send the...

Wilshire Credit Corp / They broke into my home


Wilshire foreclosed on a property in Arizona. I later bought it from a company that bought it at auction from the trustee that Wilshire hired to sell it. Two weeks after the auction, after I closed on my purchase of the property, they (Wilshire) ordered the home broken into by a national bullying company named Safeguard Properties (800-852-8306). They (Safeguard employees) destroyed new locks we had just put in and in the process destroyed the entry door. During the first several hours of this issue both Safeguard and Wilshire hid behind a cloak of secrecy, a maze of never-ending phone tree...

Wilshire Credit Corp - Oregon, Beaverton / Not doing their jobs, no call backs


I was recently relocated from Washington State to Florida, My relocation company will buy the Washington property at fair market value which just so happens to be more then what the original loan was. The relocation company did get an offer from a private party however at closing Wilshire had added an absorbent amount of fees and late payments etc making the closing impossible to happen. The buyers walked. The relocation company is still offering the offered price through short sale but Wilshire will not return calls or take calls in regards to the offer. I have submitted all the paper...

Wilshire Credit Corp - Michigan, Walled Lake / taxes


well I had one of those adjustable rate mortages, I was late a few times because wilsire mortage company rolled my taxes in my payment. I sent them a letter to tell them I pay my taxes on my own I was only 5 months from being late on paying the county. I just went though a divorce and money was tight. They charged me 1000.00 extra a month, but could work out a payment plan that took 2 months to approve. so I fell behind and intrest and extra late fees happened . so to this date I am current with them on my mortage but the repayment plan over 36 months would be 125.oo extra per month on top of...

Wilshire Credit Corp / Bogus fees!


We have been charged a bpo fee, which is a brokers opinion fee, that was $100. We were not informed of this charge it was added to our sept 2007 payment without notice. After three disturbing phone calls to wilshire, nothing resolved. Furthermore, they requested copy of paid property taxes. We have faxed this to them five different times. Then we were told we used the wrong fax number to their company. This has been going on for six months. Listen to this people!!! On their letter head of the letter requesting tax payment, is the wrong fax number. This is how they added the bpo fee. Maybe...