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Wilshire Credit / will not pay home insurance

my home insurance and property taxes are compound with the mortgage payments. i got 2 cancellation notices in one year. the reason, Wilshire did not pay for my home insurance for last year. my insurance expires on 11th month each year. the orginal month was the 8th month, but because they did'nt pay the insurance bill when due, it became the 11th month each year. i need to know what are they doing with the money after all i'm paying the insurance every month through the compound payment plan. i hate this company. now i have to pay the insurance company another deposit in order to...

Wilshire Credit / Makes u want to scream


We have been paying on time for 3 years & because of my job (commission sales) & the housing crisis in California, we need to modify our loan. Wilshire actually said that they would rather wait for 90 days of receiving no payments before starting the process in working something out & they even went as far as suggesting foreclosure as an option or selling the house on my own! Sell in this economy!!! are you freaking kidding me!!! I would rather foreclose than allow them the satisfaction of a short-sell. So let me see if I get this straight, this over 700 billion bailout wasn't intended for...

Wilshire Credit / Predatory lending tactics!

I hope the following information will be helpful to people who believe that they are being victimized by Wilshire Credit Corporation. First of all, please seek legal advice be it with a private attorney or legal aid. Make sure that you can prove what you are accusing Wilshire of. Next, while doing a little online research of Wilshire Credit Corporation, I uncovered some very interesting facts: Wilshire Credit Corporation was bought and taken over in 2004 by Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch is also in the business of making mortgage loans, buying mortgage loans from originating lenders and broker...

Wilshire Credit / Pissed about Title Loan

Mack17sports on Mar 28, 2011

Never use this company for title loans. I called after only 3 months of having a title loan with this company, and I had made 3 payments. I was going to pay the loan off. This guy tells me you better hurry up, because we are going to repo your truck. The payment was not even 30 days late, and i am calling to pay the loan off completely. He tells me to do it within the hour at money gram. they are ridiculous and scam artists!!! Their customer service stinks!! Never get a title loan with this company!! Never!!

Wilshire Credit / Bad fees, lates and extra charges now they are just gone


Wilshire credit neglected to send out a statement for 10 months and I could not acess my account on line. I received a statement 2/09 then nothing till 12/09. I had late fess for payments not received, then $141.00 for an aprasial. I had telaphone my payments in even that was a struggel, they siad I missed 2 payments but they could not come up with any statments from 2/09 till 6/09. I settled with them after the BBB was involved. Now they are just gone their phone number has changed and their web site is too it all takes you to BAC.

Wilshire Credit / second mortgage


2nd mortgage was bought by Wilshire a year or so after I bought the house in '05. It fell behind after a divorce, reduction in hours, & most recently a layoff. I've written at least 6 letters over the past 18 months asking for refi/modification and/or offering to payoff. Never a response. Wilshire started to hold my checks. A month or two after, I called; the rep at first dropped the call, then didn't know why the payments were being held, then "discovered" that the loan was 'closed', they returned the checks months later. After that they sent a forbearance agreement...

Wilshire Credit / Fraud alert


In 1996 My husband and I was on our way to the beach pulling our travel trailer for our anniversary and I had just lost both my parents within 3 1/2 months. We had always wanted a place at the beach where we vacationed and on our way down there was a bad electrical storm and we pulled into a rest area to wait it out. The Lighting was so bright, the outside lights went out. A Rainbow came up In front of our truck after midnight. Never had we seen a Rainbow at night! We could not believe our eyes, The Rainbow went over into the woods towards the ocean. After the storm had died down we pulled out...

Wilshire Credit / Have tried since April 4th and no returned calls


I have been trying every week to get in touch and speak with someone regarding a hardship. Now it is July and still no calls back and I am still yet to talk to someone in this department to help me. Today I spoke to a rep that claims there are no notes in my account and that I need to make an immediate payment or foreclosure will start on July 8th. No help, I don't get it. How does this company get away with so many complaints and the representatives that work there do not care, it is like they know what is going to happen and they are feeding you to give them money even if the foreclosure is in process.

Wilshire Credit / Misleading promises


Absolutely pissed, lied to many times, mislead many times, frustrated and so burned out trying to work something out with this debt service owned by Merrill Lynch- Wilshire Credit Corporation based in Beaverton, Oregon made several promises (verbally- they do not fax anything) to work out a short sale with us. The underwriter keeps promising that he can get approval for the short sale amount but never did give our agent or myself a written approval. Time is running out because of the foreclosure sale date. It seems they are doing this on purpose so they can auction the property at a higher...

Wilshire Credit / Putting it off


We have had Wilshire for 3 years now with no late payment, no missed payments and our adjustable rate is supposed to go in effect by May 2017. I FedEx Wilshire all the paper works needed to do a loan modification so I can still have my fixed rate instead of adjustable rates since December 2017-4 times I faxed and fed ex paper works and keep calling them to know what the outcome of the request is and still to this day, 2 weeks before it is due for adjustable rates, they have not responded with any type of response. They say it is always too early for the loan modification and it is against the...