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Will Townsend Complaints & Reviews

Will Townsend - California / Will Townsend


Beware of anybody in the Bay Area by the name of Will Townsend/Terry Brejla/Alex Love. They are all names for Terry Brejla who has been conning well-educated women for several years now and continues to do so the summer of 2009. He's very smart and charming, but he will tell you whopper lies: he does not write speeches for Obama and his wife did not die from breast cancer/fiery crash on the Bay Bridge. She's alive and well. Ditch this guy, he's seriously mentally ill.

Will Townsend - California, San Francisco / Terry Brejla/Will Townsend


This guy is a total creep. Claimed to have been hired to assemble a list of folks who are going to move in the next year by a moving company and wanted to cross-sell the list (allegedly approved by the moving company) to a real estate company. Required advance payment. Disappeared allegedly due to recurrent cancer and chemotherapy.