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Wilderness Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Wilderness Solutions - New York, Shortsville / product not shipped


My money has been taken but the products have not been shipped. The 2 times I have called and actually got an answer, and the multiple times I have emailed, if I got a response at all it has been a lie. As with the other complaint I was promised the item would be shipped out in a few days and it hasn't. I see they are still advertising and even offering a improved version of the fire piston. If they can't meet their orders they need top let someone know the truth as to when their order will be filled or refund the money.

Wilderness Solutions / Fire Piston


I ordered two fire pistons in February '09 and hadn't received them two months later so I called. The guy who answered said he had just received the parts to build them and would mail them out the next week. Another month goes by and I call again. He says that my order was "on the hot list" and would be mailed out the next day. Two weeks later, I call for the last time and am told again they would be mailed out the next day. The week after that I e-mailed him with copies of my orders and requested a refund. Nothing. It's too bad, I think his product was worthwhile but I'm out about $100.