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Wildblue Internet Complaints & Reviews

Wildblue Internet - California / Fraud


We have a retail store in a remote area and until recently we had a wonderful ISP. They went out of business without warning leaving us scrambling for internet service. We need interent service to function and operate on a daily basis. Direct Tv was offering Wildblue so I called to confirm that it would work with a networked system. I was assured that it was the best system available and would work flawlessly. I explained we needed a quick internet because we used it for customer service. They said no problem. I asked if it was like Direcway because we had tried it and it did not work for u...

Wildblue Internet - Ohio, Conneaut / No good


We got wildblue internet... its been nothing but TROUBLE... don't get it... they lied to us and said the uploads and downloads would go back to zero after 30 days. They never did. We called them over and over again. They have been here 4 times and still having TROUBLE with the net. When we signed up for it they never told us about the upload and download bull crap. The installers that put it in did we had to call them to find out about it. We are now stuck in a 18 month contract that we are fighting now. We had dial up before this. It was better then the wildblue. We get booted like 3 to 4...

Wildblue Internet - Oklahoma / Wildblue Complaints


I am a Wildblue installer. I has installed hundreds of Wildblue systems. I have only had a few unsatisfied customers. They are the ones that know NOTHING about computers. The other ones that complain are trying to run 3, 4, or 5 computers on a 500bps service. Some are running two and three Virus programs. You only need one, no matter what your Tech son or daughter tells you. Get ride of NORTON Virus program. Why do you think it came Free in your computer ? No one would buy it if it wasn't Free for the first 60 days. I call Norton a Virus ! Use the Free FSecure virus program that WildBlue give...

Wildblue Internet - Iowa / Everyone - This is what wildblues customer support uses?


I don't know if this is readily available to everyone, but it just showed for the first time on my computer. Maybe it can be of some help to everyone? This seems to be what their customer service people have to use. No wonder their so bad. I now have 5 complaints and NOT ONE has been properly answered. Good Luck.

Wildblue Internet - Ohio / Scam and fraud!


My experience of Wildblue Internet: 1.) They canceled my scheduled installation 3 times and wanted to extend it over a month and half from the initial scheduled installation. (We had no other company to choose from in our area so we stuck it out). 2.) They charged us 3 separate months a duplicate fee for the equipment installation of $199. Each time I had to call in and have it removed from the bill as it was already paid in the initial set up of our account. 3.) The internet service has never been fast and at best has a hair faster than dial up (even using their largest package at...

Wildblue Internet - California, Markleeville / Bad service!


I live in a rural California county where there are limited ISPs. At the time that I signed up for Wildblue, it was the ISP of last resort -- and now I can see why. If there is any kind of weather, my internet service is slower than dial-up or unavailable altogether. Since the conversion to Google, I have been without email and cannot login or reach technical support. If you can't login, you can't change the password! I am a college student, working full time. I NEED RELIABLE INTERNET SERVICE AND WILDBLUE DOES NOT MEET THIS FUNDAMENTAL NEED.