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lazlofan123 on Apr 8, 2011
DO NOT GET WILD BLUE!!! This is the worst speed i have ever seen ever ever ever EVER. Sometimes i just want to get a jackhammer and hammer the sh** out of our $400 dollar satellite. I. AM. NOT. SATISFIED. AT ALL. I forgot to mention, i have a ps3 account and when i try to play online, i just say SHI*. It is so terrible, i cant get anywhere without skipping across the map. Did i forget to say that it also says "CONNECTION INTERRUPTED" at the bottom of the screen! I want to change to another internet thing, but NOOOOOO. Its too late! We just cant throw away a 400 dollar satellite! Save yourselves if you haven't fallen into wildblue's shi*-covered hands!!!

Wild Blue - Minnesota / Slow Slow Slow

quilbil on Apr 4, 2011
I had signed up for Wild Blue before doing any research. I thought this would be a good choice for internet because all that was available was dialup. This was the worst and most costly mistake I have made years. They said it would be 500 kps but we were unable to get over 100. They said it could vary but I couldn't imagine it getting this slow. I assumed that since it cost 5 times more than dialup it would be at a minimum of 5 times as fast. No way. Quit them after just 2 months and paid the penalty to get out of contract. Slow speeds and unresponsive to fixing it.

Wild Blue / Billing

I had wild blue for 11 months. I paid for a year of service. I had 227.00 credit when I canceled the service and knowing that I had a $190 cancellation fee, I was told I would get a refund. I canceled in February, this is May and I am being sent to collections for $188. I have spoken to 4 people and 3 of the 4 say I do not owe anything yet one does. I cannot get any straight answers and the hold time on customer service is crazy. Rude employees and not very knowledgeable.

Wild Blue - Mississippi, Southaven / That's it I'm switching!

Six pages of complaints & count me as number seven. I was introduced through Wild Blue via a friend. Who along with his parents didn't know how god awful this service is. I was going to school at the time I got Wild Blue. It was early 08 I think. But I was told I'd be charged a one time set up fee of 183 dollars, and then I could finance my modem at 54 a month and tax would make it 61. Which isn't bad even though when I had Com Cast it was 45.99 and I loved the cable. Anyway even though I could have paid off Com Cast, and let me tell you I wish I did. I ended up going with Wild...

Wild Blue - Maine, Abbot / Management Not Returning Call

I was informed that Management would return my call in 24 hours and I have called every day since (over a week ago today). I have left many messages and I still have not heard back. I am not impressed with the company thus far, I wish to have my hundred dollar deposit returned in full, and the package of WildBlue equipment picked up. I have been treated unfairly and I have not signed any contracts; they refuse to let me cancel my services without forfeiting fifty of the hundred dollars.

Wild Blue - Michigan, Zeeland / Service

Besides all the complaints that I've read, they don't tell you that all it has to do is sprinkle a little for you to lose service! This is the most expensive worthless crap that I've ever had the misfortune to use!!! And they don't tell you how unreliable it is. They should be required to provide dial-up service free of charge for their customers to use when their freaking service goes out while you're doing something important!

Wild Blue - Minnesota / Charged for services after they were ended

Wild Blue is a horrible company! I would urge anyone thinking of using their services not to! They are rude, they lie and they charged me a restocking fee after telling me that I would not be charged anything since it was not my fault that I could not get the services. I signed up for wild blue internet services about two months ago. It took them a month to get someone to our home to set up the dish. When the installer got to our home he informed us that he could not install the dish because of our roof is not the right material. He spoke to someone on the phone at wild blue and then told u...

Wild Blue - Colorado, Englewood / Terrible service!

We have a bunch of reference numbers given by customer service representatives and have more disconnected phone calls then reference numbers. Yesterday I was disconnected 8 times, before I was ever able to even speak to a representative. Twice I made contact with two different customer service representatives and each time, I was disconnected again being transfered to 'DSI', what ever that is. On my third conversation to a live person I pleaded not to be put on hold or transfered, but to find a manger that I could speak with. 'Can not do.' she says. You have to be placed on...

Wild Blue / Poor service!

I am in a rural area of the flatlands of Kansas where cable and DSL are not available. I had Wild Blue internet service installed 3 months ago. I have waited to complain hoping it would improve since I have called tech. support numerous time with complaints. Needless to say it has not improved at all, in fact it seems to be getting worse. My first call to set up an installment was horrible. The company's phone system was so bad I could hardly hear or understand the person I was talking with. The person was very rude and not helpful at all. That should have been my first clue that...

Wild Blue / Service unreliable, support worst ever seen

My experience with wild blue for the first year was fair. That changed for the worst two weeks ago. First, they had an outage that affected their DNS - the DNS Server was available but unresponsive. My troubleshooting this with a “network explorer” tool was seen as hostile and my service was suspended at the same time they corrected the issue. A phone call to explain the issue got me back up the next day. The very next day after, their "Lerado" site went down hard and their support staff had no access to their own PC’s. They could not even take my information or...

Wild Blue / Poor customer service!

The Customer service at Wild Blue is horrible. I was placing an order then afterwards on the same call needed to cancel due to some of the terms and was placed in a Que for over 50 minutes with no answer. I called then on another line and was placed in another Que after talking with a customer service representative and ten being told the wait time 50 minutes again. That's why people off-shore the customer service the people in the US are horrible when they have to do some work.
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