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Wilco Complaints & Reviews

Wilco - South Carolina, Conway / Bad Altitude


I use my Wilco store everyday. I purchase gas and other items. Yesterday, I was purchasing $46 gas and some other items. There was a customer’s service representative by the name of Robbie there. I wrote a check like I normally do. Robbie told me my check was decline. I told Robbie I write checks to this store almost everyday and that I just wrote one yesterday and it clear. I asked her to please run my check again. Robbie had an altitude. She behaved as if she knew my check was bad. She ran my check again so she said and she said it was decline again. I was wondering if she was doing...

Wilco / Awful experience


I'm an owner/operater trucker and fighting the high rising fuel price is bad enough without getting gouged in the process.Truck stops are raising the price so quick it goes up by the time it takes to walk to the counter to pay after fueling and I know this first hand because it has happened to me 3 times now at the same truck stop! The Wilco/Hess truck stop in Harrisburg Pa. I fueled my truck with one price reading on the pump and their big aeriel sign stating that same price but when I went in to pay for it they raised the price 10 cents/gal.!! I told them they can't do that it...