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WholeWatches Complaints & Reviews

WholeWatches / Beware: no exchange or refund


Like some of the other complaints I've read about WholeWatches (in China), they shipped me the wrong watch and refused to make an exchange/refund. All they offered was a discount on the next purchase.<br /> <br /> Heed my advice, do not buy anything from these crooks.

WholeWatches / Bait-and-Switch Operation


This is an unscrupulous merchant who engages in a bait-and-switch operation. Their website may have a big selection of watches but they fill their orders with a much smaller selection. When I complained about receiving a watch different than the one I ordered, they were not interested in making an exchange. Instead, they would only offer a discount on the next purchase and suggested that I give the watch (I received) to a friend as a gift. I should also mention that the quality of the watch I received is no where near the quality of the pictures on the website. Learn from my mistake, do...

WholeWatches / Shipped Incorrect Items


Company sells replica watches etc. Shipped completely different items to that I ordered Their response after I sent them photos of the unordered watches. " Thank you for your kind reply. I checked these two pictures and I asked factory about your questions, but they said they are the most closest watches with your order. And they have no stock of these items." They offer a lot of items on their website that they do not have to deliver.