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WFS Financial Complaints & Reviews

WFS Financial / Harassment


I guess i am another disgusted WFS customer. I was paying on the Nissan that my Fiancee and I bought last year and fell into some rough times around November of 2006. I was injured at work and put in the workers comp system, so after having a perfect pay history on my vehicles for years, I fell a little behind on this one. Well, WFS 'Customer Service Reps' soon started calling me and harassing me, 3 to 4 calls a day. I tried talking with them and explaining my situation, and asked if they could work with me, and I would bring my account current as quick as possible. Right off the...

WFS Financial / Bad experience


We had no choice but to use WFS for an auto loan to get a truck for our business. We made all payments on time and paid the truck off in full. We have been working for 2 years to try to get the title of the truck from them. I just received a call over this past winter from a representative who stated that they lost the title and OH WELL for us! Now nobody will call me back or help me and I want to trade in this truck for a new one and I am SCREWED! I hope this is the next financial institution to go under in today's economy. If they operate like this they don't deserve to be open and...