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West Bay Acquisitions Complaints & Reviews

West Bay Acquisitions / Theft/Fraud

Sep 2, 2014

My credit score went down and I was wondering why. I found out why. West Bay Acquisitions, a collections agency has put my name in collections for $31 for BMG Music. Dated April 16, 2014. I do not owe this. I never have ordered anything from that company. How do I get this off of my credit report??? This Collection Agency is a SCAM.

West Bay Acquisitions - Indiana / Credit Report

Dec 16, 2011

There is a report on my credit history from West Bay Acquisitions in the amount of $78. I don't know who they are or who they represent. If it is in regards to a debt that I had with the Science Fiction Book Club, I settled that debt with a different collection agency. I would request respectfully that this be removed from my credit report, and that it stay off! I have not received anything via the USPS, or any other manner explaining what this bill is in regards to, and the book club issue is the only one I'm aware of - and as I said, that was paid in full last spring. It says that...

West Bay Acquisitions - California, Anderson / fake billing

Sep 20, 2011

For over a year I have been trying to get a credit card (I have never had one before), but I keep getting denied without reason. Scott at "Ambassidor Law (credit restoration)" researched it for me, he says that "West Bay Acquisitions" is claiming that I owe $80.00 (which is not true). Scott says that it can be fixed, but I will have to pay the "amount owed" plus $45.00 a month (legal fees) for an unknown number of months. Why should I pay anyone anything at all?!?! I have never had a credit card, and I do NOT owe anyone anything!

West Bay Acquisitions / Charging for nothing I never bough


Suppostesly I requested DVD's that I never received also apparently this companies like BMG music and Columbia House after the customer finish with good status their commintments this companies continue sending you every single month bulkies envelopes to pressure to continue with their services after you completed your agreement with them. When you never response to their purposes they intentionally assume you're recieving DVD and MOVIES.Well never received and I never requested more item from this fraudelent companies because is a type of harassament to oblige you to buy their...