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WelwatchMD Complaints & Reviews

WelwatchMD / unauthorized charge to visa


April 27 2009 I have been charged 29.95USD on my visa onh April 19 2009. I have never received the original trial offer at 2.99usd. I was also charged under the name 54.98USD on April 3 2009. Please reverse both these charges immediately. Please cancel any membership etc that may be part of this "free" trial offer. Cate Crawford 3345 Rexway Dr Burlington, On L7N 2L2 289-337-2962 Visa 4514 0116 0285 5478 Exp 02/10

WelwatchMD - New Jersey, Princeton / Unauthorized Charge


I discovered today that my checking account was charged $2.99 on 4/9/09. The description given on my bank statement is "welwatchmd800591 Princeton NJ". When Gooled, I am directed to a complaint website, Wellness Watchers and Barton Publishing (Joe Barton). This charge was not authorized and I don't understand how, with so many complaints, this is allowed to continue. It's such an invasive feeling to know anyone and access what's personal and take whatever they want without authority! Donna Honeycutt [email protected]

WelwatchMD / WelwatchMD and Barton Publishing


Beware of ordering from Barton Publishing! I ordered the UTI 12 hour remedy (which did NOT work - I am now on antibiotics) and now have a charge pending on my account from WelwatchMD which I've never heard of nor have I ordered anything from them. From research it seems that others received fraudulent charges from WelwatchMD after ordering from Barton Publishing. I also have been trying to contact Barton Publishing to get a refund as per their 100% money back guarantee. So far I've had no response to my e-mails and calling their support center gets a recording telling you to send an...

WelwatchMD - Florida, Boca Raton / credit card fraud


I have no idea who these people are . However they have billed my credit card. I made a purchase online from barton publishing . Which billed me the correct amount . Somehow I think barton publishing and welwatchmd are in cahoots with each other. They need to be stopped.