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WebTech Strategies Complaints & Reviews

WebTech Strategies / My Mother was scammed out of $32,000

Mar 05, 2012

Everyone, talk to your states Attorney General, the state and federal Department of Commerce, and the FBI. Write them, call them, demand your money back, and definintely keep all of your paperwork. I will be speaking to our states attorney general about starting a class action lawsuit against the company to recoup the money my mother was scammed out of. It should be a felony to scam from a senior citizen!

WebTech Strategies / Stay away from this one

Jan 19, 2012

My story is the same as the others that I'm reading. It started with a phone call from Michael Micheli. I even told him at first, "Well, you know what they say...if it sounds too good to be true..." He interrupted and explained how the money is used and what you will make in return. I was ripped off for all the money I had saved $9500! I was told my "ad man" would be in touch each month to discuss further investments after money is made. I told them I had to retire from teaching in 2010 and needed to know my income by May, because I'd need to know how much to make to add to my...