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WebMoney training Complaints & Reviews

WebMoney training - California / Billing


This is a scam!! DON'T SIGN UP FOR IT!!! When you sign up and even acknowledge the $69.95, another charge of $29.95 will be magically billed to you without your consent. According to them, this is a companion, automatic membership when one signs up for Web Money Training. I never signed up for it and I was not advised that a $29.95 will be billed to me too. I was furious! Add to that, the worst customer service! I am on hold and have been advised of a 20-minute wait to ask for a refund for the $29.95. The rep read my email back and gave me an incorrect email address, that's why I did...

WebMoney training - Florida, Seminole / Webmoney Training cheating as 7 day Trial Period


I have enrolled for 7 day trial from google popup.After 7 days they charged &69.97.I called up customer care and cancalled the account & Trial membership.They given cancellation confirmation number & refund confirmation number. But nothing happened.No confirmation mail also.Again after 4 days they charged $29.95 for Alternative Training.I called cusotmer care & they r telling same thing.I fed up with these.

WebMoney training - Indiana / unauthorized charges


I fell for it too. I thought I was authorizing $1.97 for some information, I received an email that made it obvious this was not what it seemed in the ad that I authorized the 1.97 for. Then a week later I was charged 69.97. I called and complained vehemently and they refunded the 69.97 and cancelled the account I never knew I opened. I thought okay I caught this scam just in time. Now a month later I find out I was charged 29.95 by, my credit card company called and got them to refund the charges, that they say I authorized because I wanted to spend 1.97 to get some information...