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Web Discount Club Complaints & Reviews

Web Discount Club - Arizona, Scottsdale / stealing money out of my account


I would just like to say that this co. Is a total fraud and have been taking money out of my account for 2 weeks. I noticed it last week when they took money out of my acount 49.98 was taken first. Then this week it was 29.99. I spoke to a person who said his name was victor soto, who would not let me speak to a manager unless I gave him my bank account no#. Excuse me? Thats why I am having the damn problem now, then he tells me he can't find me in his system. Apparently you found me two weeks in a row when you were taking money out of my damn account. Then he tells me if I don't...

Web Discount Club - Arizona, Scottsdale / taking money out didn't sign up for this.


This Web discount club is something I don't remember signing up for and even if there is a chance I want to cancel and there is nowhere to go under their hedding to do so. Did I just get ripped off? In my right mind I wouldn't of signed up for this it isn't something I would use. Charge was $22.99 I can live with this charge but I don't want to pay everymonth. How do I get this cancelled. Help Jaquie Turcott There id number for me is 1650208 my email is [email protected]

Web Discount Club - Texas, Ozona / money withdrawn wiithout my permission


I had money(total of $47.99) taken out of my checking account without my permission. It was to a company called Web Discount Club. They took out $22.99 which caused my account to be negative and the bank charged me $25.00 for insuffucient funds. I want all the money returned to me or I will get my laywer to bring a lawsuit on your company.This was the second time in one week that this happened and I am now out a total of $122.98. The first charge was on August 23, 2010 for a charge of $49.99 plus $25.00 from the bank. This next charge was taken out on August 26, 2010. I do expect this money to be returned to me and a response from you within 3 days. Thank You, Mrs. Brenda Ortiz

Web Discount Club / unauthorized withdrawal


I received an overdraft notice from my bank regarding a withdrawal of $34.19, plus a $30.00 charge from my bank for insuffiecient funds. I immediately contacted my bank. At that time they got a copy of a check that was presented to my bank for this withdrawal.I have since communicated with the bank officials that I have found this website and that this appears to be a nation wide scam. My bank is going to refund the $30.00 overdraft fee, but at this time can do nothing about the $34.19 because it was presented to my bank with the routing # and my checking account #. I need my money bank...