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Web Detective Pro Complaints & Reviews

Web Detective Pro - Florida, Probably Tampa / pretended to be a person in State Vital Statics Office


I was looking for my gandmother's death certificate and somehow was placed on their website. The girl I talked to did not mention "Web Dective Pro" and I believed her to be from the Office of Vital Statistics so I gave her the information she asked for including my credit card number. Now I am getting e-mails from Web Detective Pro telling me I joined their membership when I never heard of them before and don't want their service. All I want is my grandmother's death certificate. I did not authorize a charge to my account for $39.95 each month. I did authorize a small charge to cover research to find the death certificate. I want to cancel my so called membership at once.

Web Detective Pro - Michigan, Flint / Their 3-day trial is a fraud!


I tried the site and they said I could do a 3-day trial for $2.95. I signed up and then could not get back in to look anyone up and it gave me NO more information than if I didn't become a trial member. What a SCAM, I want my money refunded to my credit card and them prosecuted for fraud! Their site is not an honest site to go to. This is a bunch of bologna to get people to sign up for their stupid website, escpecially when someone is vulnerable and is in dire need of finding someone, like myself, trying to find my 3 yr old grandson whom his mother took to her sisters in Illinois and won't tell me where. I'm supposed to be able to see him whenever per the Indiana courts and now this!!! Thanks a lot!!!