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Web Access Complaints & Reviews

Web Access - California, Salinas / login for my wife will not work

Sep 18, 2018

My wife's login Marilyn does not work I went through the recover Password process and reset the password, then when I tried to login I could not so I went through the recover user ID process. When I got the process name from wyndam and tried to logon using the name and reaset password it said the user was not valid. my member number is 00202233218 My name is Mark A Dorman 831-682-0145 [email protected] I have tried this process several times, hoping something would time out and allow things to work however I have not been success full. I very much would appreciate one of two things to...

Web Access - Ontario, Grimsby / fee charged


I stupidly purchased a trial offer of Acaiberry and also Wu-yi Tea. I received both and paid the handling and shipping, but didn't realize that I would be charged monthy for these products. I have managed to contact both the Acai Berry and Wu-yi Tea and I have confirmation numbers for the cancellation, but now I am being charged monthly fees for Web Access and also I want to cancel them and get confirmation numbers. I did speak to Gabrial associated with and he cancelled it with the confirmation #649000. But I still need to cancel Web Access. Please help me.

Web Access - Pennsylvania, Lancaster / unauthorized charge of $4.95


I have made several attempts to make contact via the number 800-281-9006 as provided on my credit card statement to cancel the $4.95 charge that you have placed on my credit card for something that I apparently agreed to when purchasing WiYu tea several months ago. I have been unsuccessful in making contact with you because you make it impossible to contact your "business". I think your tactics of getting authorization border on illegal and I will do whatever I can do expose you and your company. Cancel this charge on my account immediately and reimburse my account $9.90, in addition to...

Web Access - Nova Scotia, Halifax / billing after cancellation


I have called in the previous two months to cancel this amount of $4.95 us coming off my credit card. It is still lshowing up and I have returned the first shipment of tea I received and have not received anymore. I would appreciate it if you would remove this amount for nov. 6 and also for october. All product was returned and I am still being charged. This is not good business or serv ice. I can be reached at (902) 865-3982. I would really appreciate a call from your company to straighten this out. Wilfred laviolette

Web Access / charge on credit card


I spoke to someone last month about a 4.95 charge on my credit card after ending my business with Wuyi tea...they said they would refund it(which they did) and then had the nerve to charge my credit card AGAIN for the same thing this month! I will call the Better Business Bureau, and my news station that has a "Call for Action" ! I want the charge removed from my credit card again...for the LAST time !! I will also call my credit card company to warn them about the scams !

Web Access - Colorado, Canon City / not authorized


I ordered a trial for wuyi tea, they are a sham. My credit card number showed up with a membership fee I did not authorize, plus a fee for web access. This leads me to believe they have given out my number to several other companies. I discovered all this when the credit card bills came. I will pursue this and will dispute all charges on my statement. I do believe they have left me opened for identity theft. If anymore charges come through I will contact the people neccessary to correct the charges.