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We Know Wireless Complaints & Reviews

We Know Wireless - Louisiana, Bossier City / rude an unprofessionalism


I went to the store on the Boardwalk in Bossier City, on 12/1/10 to return a phone that I bought on 11/19/10. When I was explaning to the sales clerk Devin Simmions, she cut me off an said that she would not replace the phone because I had already sent off for the rebate. I told her that I was unaware that I hade to wait an send off for my rebate. I told her that I had to wait to hours with my wife just to upgrade my phone on that night an the sales assioate never told us that. All he said was that if we did not like the phone we had 30 days to bring it back for an exchange. She than went on...

We Know Wireless - Louisiana, Shreveport / False Advertisement/Poor Customer Service/Con Artists


First of all, I had no idea there is a difference in Verizon Corporate Stores and Verizon Affiliates, such as We Know Wireless. They advertise Verizon in big letters everywhere but unless you are looking for the small print, you won’t know that you are not in a Verizon store. It took over two hours to get a new phone. I went into the store because my blackberry pearl was acting up and I had really wanted the new Droid. Well, the girl told me that the HTC Droid was much better and they just happen to have that in stock. In fact, she told me the only difference was in the amount of GB on...

We Know Wireless / Terrible experience


I was called at home by Chad, who identified himself. 'being with ALTELL'. I subscribe to Altell so I listened to what this guy had to say. If he had been truthful with me and identified himself as to who he truly work for---that he truly was employed by 'We Know Wireless' I would not have given him 3 seconds of my time. I would also have told him that my number is listed on the National Do Not Call List----and he had just broken the law. Upon finding out what really had just gone down, I began raising a loud fuss. With Altell and We Know Wireless. The young kids at We Know...