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Wc Budget Savers Complaints & Reviews

Wc Budget Savers - Minnesota / lies


when they charged me i canceled. every month since then they have been charging me 24.95 and $1 but once i didnt have the money in there they tried charging it over 2 times a week. finally when i had money in there they charged me 24.95 and gave me credit for $1. when i cld they said they see no transaction of that and i have to write to p.o box 5265 hopkinson 55343-2265 to complain. and they cant give me any other number to call. so i asked for the last trasactions they have doen to my acct and she said there is none but one charge that got declined. they didnt even have the transaction when...

Wc Budget Savers - Michigan, Monroe / They also took my money and knew info about my credit card


I received a phone call from these people and unfortunately i was so busy and could barely hear what they were saying...they knew my credit card number already and quickly explained what they were selling...i had two children crying, a house full of people and trying to cook at the same time... so I quickly agreed to get off the damn phone! UNFORTUNATELY i totally forgot about this until i was reviewing my card statement and they were taking money every month and i received nothing from them in return! I called today and complained to the number that was giving by the gentlemen below and they...