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Watcheslux Complaints & Reviews

Watcheslux / Defective Goods


I did business with Watcheslux because of their impressive website. Their range of replicas is massive; the photograhy excellent and the search facilities first-class. With such care an attention, it seemed likely to that the same would hold true over the quality of their goods and customer services (sucker I hear you say!) but unfortunatel, this is not the case. Regarding quality, they obviously haven't a clue what the meaning is of the chronograph dials! On the model ordered, the sub-dial at the 6 o'clock position is supposed to show the passing of seconds (normal time mode) wherea...

Watcheslux - England, Surrey, Woking / Total conartists


Soultaker's view on Watcheslux seems to be spot on. I checked some of the forums and one such individual has posted a list of watch scammers on there, no Watcheslux. I think it has been posted by Watcheslux themselves, or indeed someone who works for I ordered my watch 27 days ago, I have not heard a thing, despite, 8 yes 8 e-mails, none of them ever answered. They are definitely a scam company, using some other dodgy payment system, and when you try to get them to call you, its automated through another company, does anyone think this is extremely odd. Why are companies like...

Watcheslux / No item delivery


I have also used this company Watcheslux, they are a scam. First off, they tell you that they have 5 -7 days shipping, no, my order is 3 weeks old and still no watch. Then they tell you they have a 14 day money back guarantee, that's 14 days from the place of your order, but it takes them at least 3 weeks to send it, so out of guarantee period. I e-mailed them, no reply, e-mailed again, no reply. Don't touch this lot, they are a very clever scam, doing things slightly differently to other scamsters. From what I have heard in other forums, the watch will likely fall apart, hence if...