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WatchCartel Complaints & Reviews

WatchCartel / Never received my order

Sep 28, 2013

I ordered my watch in May 2013 sent some 500 US dollars to cover shipping and all that At first I had a lot of correspondence from Maria, who said because I was going for the premier model it would take 5 weeks. At the end of June I progress chased, holidays, difficulty in getting parts would add a few days. July brought nothing so I chased again this time Vivian responded saying it had been shipped to the uk through DHL and I was give a reference, it was not recognised ? I chased again through August and was told it had been returned and would be sent out again? September brought DC into the...

WatchCartel - Kansas, Wichita / Non-delivery of merchandise


I ordered a replica watch from the Watch Cartel in early June but did not receive the watch that I ordered. I contacted them and they agreed with me about the discrepancy and agreed to replace it. It was returned and got a confirmation that they had received it. The replacement was allegedly shipped but I never received it. It took me almost a month to get them to respond to my attempts to contact them and they agreed to send me another one. The particular model was not being manufactured but I was assured that they had located the proper components to make me a new one. I was in phone contact...