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walgreen drug Complaints & Reviews

walgreen drug / did not follow instructions

Jan 10, 2015

Two weeks ago I copied both sides of my new Medicare Part D insurance card and also included on the same paper the rx number of 4 refills that I needed. I asked for #30 instead of #90. I took the paper to Walgreen's and the tech read it and told me that this could be done. I never received a phone message that the refills were ready so 5 days ago I called and was told they were ready. A friend picked them up, paying the coinsurance with my Visa. When she brought them to me later that day, I found only 3 of the 4 had been filled; they gave me # 90 instead of # 30 as requested, and they...

walgreen drug - Illinois, La Grange / return policy


almost a month has passed since I returned 16.00 worth of merchandise..received a plastic card and was told my money was on it..went to the pharmacy to pick up my percripstion.that same money was on the plastic card..called a manager who claimed I had to wait longer before the credit could be used...I waited around the store..asked a cashier if she could read the amt credited on this plastic card..No she said I would have to buy something...I had already paid for my perscription with my cash due to the fact no money was on that card...again I called the manager (at this point approx...