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Waka Network Complaints & Reviews

Waka Network / scam

Feb 23, 2013

waks called me promise me a 10.00 gas card, a gift card to walmart and a gift card to use online. i said how much is it going to cost, she said NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL. then i said oh ok but i don't have a credit card, she said we use a secure website. i said you said it wasn't going to cost me ANYTHING, NOTHING! she said well 2.56 but it will be refunded. i said i don't have a credit card! she said well your getting 156.00 in gift cards and you will get the 2.56 back . i said you said NOTHNG! i said may i talk to you supervisor, she said NO! i said you said NO she said yes! i...

Waka Network - Illinois, Des Plains Chicago / won't refund money

Dec 26, 2012

This was part of a win a Walmart gift card, I filled out on the computer. I never completed the process and so I thought I was ok. They then proceeded to take a processing fee of 2.98 and then 59.99. I called on 12-13 and spoke to a female who said her name is Tiffany Jones. She said she had cancelled and would refund my money. She gave me a cancellation number, 519151. I was told to wait 10 to 12 business days for my money to be refunded. I called again today, the 26th because my money still has not been refunded. I talked to a man who said his name is Harry Jensen. Both of these people are...

Waka Network / This is a Scam

Nov 25, 2012

I received a call from [protected] today which was a relay delayed call (the woman spoke but a long pause between sentences) and told me I took an online survey and had won a $100 free gas card and a free $10 gift card for participating in the survey. I don’t take online surveys for one, and Walmart doesn’t give out free gift cards for two, and when she wanted me to go to their website which was and fill in the blank area with a purchasing promotional code, I knew it was bogus/scam. I told her I wasn’t interested and hung up, then looked up the company waka...

Waka Network / Trying to scam

May 22, 2012

Representatives of Waka Network keep calling me and saying that I’ve won $100 walmart gift card. In order to use that gift card they ask for my credit card details to pay one time payment for issuing of this card. Beware people it is new scam scheme, you’ve been warned.