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Volvo Complaints & Reviews

Volvo / Navigation outdated

Mar 14, 2012

I bought a Volvo S60 in South Africa, Mpumalanga - Mbombela in September 2011. The Navigation system is out dated and it is of no use for me. Since I paid good money for it I expect it to work properly. Volvo in Mbombela blames Garmin for it but that is nonsense because I have an out-dated Garmin that is far in advanced of the one in my car. To me, this is unacceptable because I paid for a convenience that I can not use and therefor I feel that I lost a lot of money. Are you going to solve my problem or give me a refund? Yours, SDJ Nel

Volvo / Volvo's break at 100 000 kms

Feb 22, 2011

I took my car in for a 100 000 service. At 106000 there is a major fault that is now costing me R2900.00. I drove up to volvo and without even looking at the car or asking me what the problem is the service attendant could identify the problem. So 6000km after a service then a major fault.Warning to all volvo owners insist that the oil seal, that breaks after the 100 000 km mark, be replaced while your car is still under warranty. Their response is that this is normal. you just do not know what is going to break next. and the fault could not be identified at the previous service HOWEVER the quick...

Volvo - Illinois / c70 engineering design failure on the turbo


Be aware the the design of the reliable 5 cylinder engine becomes unreliable when volvo added the turbo to it. They recommend 7500 mile oil changes but the turbo will fail and your engine will develop sludge and possibly fail shortly after you repair the turbo. You need to change the oil every 3000 miles. Forget the lies they will tell you. Do not get the t 2.5 urboor you will find out for yourself.

Volvo / Volvo parts


Is Volvo the new Yugo? We replaced the SRS sensor module in our Volvo in 2007. We purchased a new Volvo part and the shop that did the work was a well-regarded and highly-rated Volvo-only shop that has been in business for 22 years. The part failed after two years. Both the shop and we contacted Volvo regarding replacement of the defective part (the part alone is about $550 and installation is another $150). Volvo refuses to stand behind its product. How can a $550 part be good for only two years? We are appalled. Next time, we buy a Honda or a Toyota.