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Voipcheap Complaints & Reviews

Voipcheap / update asked immediately after downloading


I had to take of all programs of windows because so much things interfering .After having tried tooptimize with ashampoo it worked some days untill they told me they had a new update then it was rotten, Now I wanted to charge voipcheap on my username : "PROGRAM OUTDATED UPDATE whith lifeupdate google did not found, Allready in former month Voipcheapdid not login

Voipcheap / charges made also by the telephone operator


I have been using since a week voipcheap by mobile trought the access number ( 0202222020). Charges are being always colletted by the mobile operators at full rate and by Voip. Today I made a 15 minutes call to a fix number and the mobile operator billed also me for the entire conversation time at its high rate. Also I have sent two SMS via internet line, charged by Voip, who stated that the MES was correctly delivered. This was not correct becouse no SMS was received at the other end. I find this situation very serious as the stated performance of your service are not true. or/and misliding. How his all this possible? please comment. regards Angelo Atzei