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Vista Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Vista Marketing - Tennessee / rip off


These people called AGAIN today. They made charges on my credit card for multiple services "that can be cancelled at any time" while I continually stated that I was not paying for anything. They misrepresented themselves as a service for "preferred customers" of my credit card company. I had to cancel existing card and have a new card assigned. Beware!! They already have the full number of your credit card!

Vista Marketing - Michigan, bellevue / card number and personal info.


OMG! BEWARE of anyone calling & saying there from VISTA MARKETING--- IT'S A SCAM! They have your address and worse yet the last 4 digits of your bank/credit cards. It freaked me so bad I had to transfer my money from 1 account to the other just to be safe.what they told me was it was from a purchase I made online and when I asked who it was that gave them my info they told me that they couldn't tell me who it was and then had the nerve to ask me if I wanted $...120.00 in gas coupons for $2.95 in shipping fees! I told them they weren't getting anymore info. on me then what they...

Vista Marketing - New York / Credit/Debit card fraud


Throughout the course of a week, I received numerous phone calls that appeared on my caller ID as the following: Do Not Answer 616-980-1153, 231-732-2732.. Internet Orders: 616-980-1151...Vonageholdings: 757-743-0132...Clearwater FL: 727-712-0152, Thousand Oak CA:805-309-5569, Portsmpoth VA: 757-271-1514, Easley SC:864-644-1007...These are most of the numbers that have come up, and if I did not answer them before the third ring, they hung up or if I answered, they would not answer me. Finally, I spoke to one girl, and she said I was entitled to a gas card worth $120...and to keep my eye in the...

Vista Marketing / Rip off company


This company had ripped me of several times. They have called me already with my full account number. The telemarketing rep never says allows me to talk, but says there 'calling from my card company' I asked how they are legally allowed to have my full credit card number, thre rep said there not! I have had over 3 charges on my credit card. I have contacted the local attorney generals that said they are investigating my claims. Watch out for a call from them they already have your credit card number? Any info would help this investigation out.