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Visa Credit Card Complaints & Reviews

Visa Credit Card - New York, Coram / Unacceptable Customer Service


5/28/09 Today I received a text from "Visa Alert" advising me that there is suspicious activity on my Visa Card and was given a telephone number to call. Since I do NOT have a Visa Credit Card, I called the number to investigate. Of course, there was a recording asking me to enter my visa #. Knowing it was a scam, I attempted to call Visa Customer Service to report this scam. I was asked what my # was and advised the Customer service rep that I do not have a Visa Card but am only trying to report a scam and let Visa be aware of it. The Customer Service rep stated: " Look, Lady, if you...

Visa Credit Card / Untraceable debt


Hello, I am writing to complain about a collection that is listed on my credit for $554 as a result of a clout visa card that i had about 5 years ago. To my knowledge the card was paid off in full, but i received a credit report recently informing me otherwise. From what i understand, your company FIA Card services was formerly MBNA America, who owed and provided credit cards to Clout Visa. My goal is to rectify this error as soon as possible and i can't seem to contact any agency to do so, this includes MBNA America, Clout Visa, Bank Of America, and affiliated credit collectors. Please respond with any information that you might have to assist me. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Michael Allen

Visa Credit Card / Holding up my payments!


Like some of other complaints, They are holding up my payments for weeks. This way they can cause to go over you limit and late payments. They even have when so far to say that my check was return from my bank on a wire transfer, this account has over 6 number in it. Call and nothing but a run around with them when you can talk to someone...