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Virgin America Complaints & Reviews

Virgin America / unauthorized credit card charge and fraudulent practices

Feb 21, 2018

Date of incident: 2/9/2018 Nashville Tennessee Airport (BNA) Regarding R/T Ticket from SFO to BNA Dec 25 2018, I paid for a round trip ticket to Nashville for some training. The training ended earlier than planned and I wanted to get home asap, rather than the departure date of my r/t ticket on 2/12. So, on 2/9/18 I went to the Virgin ticket counter at the Nashville Airport to inquire about getting on their flight later that evening. The young persons that assisted me searched the computer screen while mumbling some inaudible comments between themselves, then informed me that it would be...

Virgin America / Virgin America Treats You Like Family (If you grew up in a broken home)

Mar 13, 2012

I was excited when I heard my flights would be expensed more generously allowing me to move on from my “discount airline” where each year I take a few dozen simple-but-it-gets-me-there-on-time-flights to one of those fancy full service airlines with the leather seats and all. So excited that I signed up for an Elevate account much to the amusement of my co-workers (but I’d show them once I started racking up those points and flying in luxury). I checked the flight status of my 6 PM flight to Chicago and saw no delays. I checked in two hours later and found out I would be...

Virgin America - California, Los Angeles / Change of Flight within Policy time not honored

Sep 13, 2011

As a gift I purchased tickets for my cousin and her husband. when I sent them a copy of their itinerary they noticed I had them coming back earlier than they wanted. I'm on the road quite a bit so decided to call them, but with their 3 hour wait, I kept hanging up as I had appointments set up, I even left a message with their voicemail center which I never got a phone call back, so next morning I called them up and they said I had passed the 24 hours, I think I was at 25-26 hours later. Not cool Virgin-I have your elevate visa card and have more than enjoyed flying on Virgin America, I...

Virgin America - California, Los Angeles / Loss of wallet including large amount of cash

Sep 8, 2011

I am an Australian who like millions of other Americans, have suffered through the GFC, being laid off from work over 2 years due to the recession in California. After 8 years of residency in San Francisco, I made the difficult decision to return to Australia. I sold my only asset (my car) and booked flights from SFO to Brisbane, Australia with Virgin America and V-Australia. On the leg between SFO and LAX, I unfortunately left my wallet in the seat pocket - this wallet contained all the cash I had in the world ($2, 000) and was critical to my survival and to get back on my feet. I reported...

Virgin America / Virgin America won't refund refundable tickets

Apr 19, 2011

I bought two refundable tickets from Virgin America for over $1, 700 each which I subsequently canceled well in advance of the flights. Despite the express representation in its advertising and the ticket confirmations that "This fare is refundable to the original form of payment used by the guest, " and despite repeated assurances from Virgin in subsequent telephone conversations and emails that they would follow through on their promise to refund the money to my credit card, Virgin America has taken no steps whatsoever for over 30 days to pay me back. I have finally hadd to take the matter...

Virgin America - California, Los Angeles / Ripped Off


I am posting this complaint to advise future passengers of my disapproval of how my situation was handled By Virgin America Airline. I am a recent Combat Veteran of eight years with the U.S. Army. I took a roundtrip flight to visit my GF and the Golden State for the first time from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Upon my departure flight back home from LAX. I had a late night sunday flight, due to bad weather and the two hour drive to the Airport from Bakersfield, California. I arrived about 30 minutes late for my flight, but still made to effort to catch my flight. I approached the ticket counter...

Virgin America - California, San Francisco / Unreliable unaccompanied service and rude staff


We just sent our nieces on Virgin America from SFO to Seattle and we paid for the unaccompanied minor service. First of all, the agent who took down the guardian information mixed up the drop-off and arrival information and I found out by accident when I called to give some more details about my sister-in-law who was picking them up. Then the agent at check-in was extremely rude. When I asked if an agent would be accompanying them to the gate, she says, "no, we will give you a gate pass." That wasn't a problem, but I wish they had made that clear when I had set it up when I made the...

Virgin America - California / customer service


I fly first class when I fly and have been looking for an airline that has true first class service. When I found out about Virgin America I was very excited to give them a try. My first flight was not very pleasant but I figured I might have run into a bit of bad luck. So I flew them again, but with no better luck. I have to come to the conclusion that this new airline that I wrongly assumed since it origins are European that they would have a different attitude towards their customers, I was wrong. I wrongly took into consideration that this airline might have been from a more competitive...

Virgin America - California / Rudness of staff


I had a terrible experience during my flight yesterday - the flight attendant (Larry) was rude, patronizing and acted as if he owned the aircraft. At some point he accused me of having slammed the door, which - considering the turbulence we encountered during the flight - was hardly avoidable, and stood in the middle of the aisle not wanting to let me go. Later he came to my seat to threaten me that if I "didn't behave" he would call security for I had "slammed his door" and asked if we "had a deal". When I refused to answer his question he stood there with a menacing attitude. I reminded...

Virgin America - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / consumer fraud


My friend flew Virgin America from L.A. the last time she came to Miami to visit me. She arrived 25 minutes before the scheduled departure and they refused her seat because they had overbooked the flight. They didn't compensate her or provide her with substitute transportation because she had missed the check in deadline by 5 minutes. She was told the next available flight didn't depart for another 12 hours and that it would cost $450. (She only paid $250 for her original ticket.) To make matters worse, the flight departed 30 minutes late! I know that according to the Aviation...

Virgin America - California / Unreasonable Credit and Refund Policy


I purchased 3 tickets that cost around $1, 500, and my partner had a serious medical emergency that prevented us from taking the trip. I canceled two weeks in advance, and requested a refund. The refund was denied. I was unable to use the credit due to this ongoing health condition, and because I rarely fly. They were unwilling to refund even after I faxed in a note from my partner's doctor. (I have since faxed in other verification of several other hospital stays.) During one communication with Guest Services customer service rep, I was told that the credit expired in August, when, in...

Virgin America - California, Los Angeles / Forfeit of Flight


Virgin America does not tell you that if you miss your flight that you forfeit your entire fare. This is not listed in their fare rules when you purchase the ticket and you have to do some digging through the website to find it under their Help Section. BE CAREFUL WHEN FLYING THEM!!!