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virgin / Scam


I am on a three year contract with virgin and i have had my phone for about a year and a half now, and for the most part ive been pretty satisfied, a few problems but on the whole pretty happy, so about 2 weeks ago i got some extras put on my phone and was loving it but then a week ago my phone began to screw up, half of my screen would go black and the other half would go fuzzy, not only can i not use the text (which is part of my plan) but i cant even see the clock. i dont think its the extras put on the phone i was planning on keeping them i just wanted my phone fixed. So after trying for...

virgin - England, Tyne and Wear, Jarrow / poor comunication


Myself and my next door neighbour have recently joined virgin, we took the offer you had3 for 30 pound the sales rep made it sound like a great offer and said we could do a self install and this would save us time and money. well it didnt it just caused us alot of stress, firstly i couldnt connect mine because the main box to the house was a old one one and didnt work which we were not told the guy said it would work ok so i had to ring the customer service department to arrange a instillaion date so had to take the day off work and lose 55 pound for that, then after the guy had been to...