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Vip Travel Reservations, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Vip Travel Reservations, Inc. - Florida, Port Orange / 2 Round Trip Airline tickets and 1 week car rental certificates


I travel ALOT, and I go to ALOT of travel presentation and time share presentations; many times receiving a "free" gift to go or do or receive something, in most cases these do prove to be bogus, but sometimes you do luck out and get something worth while. I called to speak to the reservation agents supervisor that I was working with at VIP Travel to tell her what an assett to the company the young lady was. Her response to me was that people usually only take the time to comment if their upset, so if I wouldn't mind, to please post it online, I asked her how I do such a thing, and here I...

Vip Travel Reservations, Inc. - Florida, Port Orange / BIG SCAM!!!


I sent in my deposit for a 2 night/3 day stay at any Hard Rock Casino/Hotel, only to have it returned with a letter stating I did not send in enough money & my voucher is now null/void. It did not say on the form that 2 people had to go or that it was based on double occupancy. They wanted me another $50.00($100.00 total) and that I would have to retrieve another voucher from the resort I visited because this one is now null/void. First of all, what does it matter? Why couldn't I just send it when I made or reserved the dates I wanted to travel. I tried calling them but only got answering...